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What’s New With The New AdWords Interface

Google started offering its new Adwords Interface to advertisers this year. In the last 2-3 months, many professional or amateur advertisers have had the chance to experience the new interface. The basis of this change is undoubtedly the increase in mobile usage rates. Google had already begun to switch not only AdWords but also the interface of many of its tools to a mobile-friendly, similar design.

There are people who like the new interface and those who don’t (we can say that those who don’t like it or those who can’t get used to it are in the majority). Of course, every change will have its benefits as well as its disadvantages. According to our own experience, many things have become easier and more practical. However, it was a bit sad that the minimal design in the old interface was lost. However, when you want to make detailed edits or reviews in the campaigns, you can return to the old interface.

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In the current year, the “back to old interface” button in the new AdWords interface may be one of the most demanded buttons. Of course, the only reason for this is not getting used to the new interface. There are features that we still cannot use in the new interface. However, Google is also releasing updates that can only be used in the new interface.

A Few Features You Can Only Use in the New AdWords Interface (H2)


Shortcuts are undoubtedly one of the most pleasing features that come with the new interface. You can see all the shortcuts you can use by pressing the question mark button in the AdWords interface.

  • ? = Show or hide the shortcut list
  • G T = Go to a page
  • GO = Go to Settings
  • G C = Go to Campaigns
  • G J = Go to Ad groups
  • G A = Go to Ads
  • G X = Go to Extensions
  • G K = Go to Search keywords
  • D Y = Go to Opportunities
  • Shift + W = Show or hide the navigation panel
  • Shift + A = View… All campaigns
  • Shift + N = Create new
  • Windows button + C = {0><}100{>Copy<0}
  • Windows button + V = Paste

Promotion Extensions

Another feature that you can only use in the new AdWords interface is promotional extensions. You can use promotional extensions that you can only use in the search network, specific to the account, campaign or ad group. You can customize promo extensions to show a clear discount, a percentage discount, a promo code.

Household Income

Although it is currently available in a limited number of countries, it seems that we will be able to activate the bidding options based on household income in the near future. Although small data are reflected for now, it is useful to ignore it until a clear explanation comes.

Showcase Ads

Showcase ads were created as an alternative advertising model that you can use in your shopping campaigns. The biggest advantage of showcase ads is that it allows you to group the products you choose and combine them under a single ad. To learn more about showcase ads, you can visit the AdWords help page.

Calls Bid Adjustment

Another feature that comes with the new interface is that the bid adjustment options for call extensions and click-to-call ads in your account are active.

To show call engagement ads to mobile users more often, you can increase your bid for mobile devices. Engagement bid adjustments affect how often you show call extensions and call-only ads to users.

What's New With The New AdWords Interface 1

Target Audiences

With the update, we see that there has been a change in the target audiences page.

The “target and bid” or “bid only” option is out of our lives. Instead, there will be two separate targeting options: target and observe.

Although there is no change in the working logic in the automatic targeting settings, you will now be able to see the “no automatic targeting” option.

Note: By default, your targeting comes with conservative automation selected. Google does this by “Aim to get more customers similar to the ones you are targeting while maintaining the current cost-per-conversion level.” defined as.

As a result, although many users still continue to use the old interface (at least I’ve seen), it may be worthwhile to gradually give the new interface a chance. Because Google will not leave us such a choice in the near future. It should not be forgotten that the interface we see now is still in beta. We can encounter new features at any time.

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