The importance of backlinks in SEO

The importance of backlinks in SEO

Backlinks and SEO are interlinked, and you can’t have one without the other. That is why every conversation about SEO involves mention of backlinks in one way or another. If your website doesn’t have quality backlinks, then it is almost impossible to rank well on Search Engines. Today we will tell you why backlinks are so important and why you must have them on your website.

1. Google finds new pages via backlinks

Think of backlinks as the navigation tool for finding new pages. You are more likely to find a new city if it is connected to other cities. Finding a tiny city which is isolated on the map is hard to find. The same goes for webpages and backlinks give you a higher chance of being discovered. Google is more likely to find and index your webpages if they have backlinks. This will boost your SEO and get you a higher rank.

2. Google uses backlinks as a reputation management tool
Google uses backlinks as a metric for gauging the reputation of a website. Google is a search engine, and its main responsibility is to find the best results for every query. That is why google tries to show only reputable website in search results because they are deemed trustworthy. The number of quality backlinks determines the reputation of a website. Who will you trust? CNN news with thousands of backlinks or a local news website with hundreds of backlinks. Your answer is CNN because it is more reputable and google tends to look at websites the same way.

3. Relevant backlinks boost your credibility

Relevant and quality backlinks help in establishing your credibility. Consider that the website of a car repair company gets backlinks from renowned bloggers from the automotive industry. If you navigate to this website, then you are likely to think that the car repair company is trustworthy. Google will see this the same way. However, if the car repair company got backlinks from local pet stores and jewelry shops, then you are likely to think of this company as illegitimate or a scam. Google will consider them the same. That is why you should focus only on quality SEO from relevant sources. Getting as many backlinks you can from where ever you can, may hurt the ranking of your website.

4. Backlinks Drive Traffic to Your Site

When your website gets quality backlinks from relevant sources, then it is likely to bring more traffic to your website. Imagine that you own a restaurant, and your website gets backlinks from renowned food bloggers. Now every time someone reads their blog, it is likely that he/she will land on your website. Hence driving in more traffic which can be potentially converted into actual sales. Now that you know the importance of backlinks, you should make them a part of your SEO process. Getting backlinks can be a little tricky and frustrating at times. If you are struggling with backlinks or if you don’t have enough time to work on them, then you should seek professional help. You should contact NXT GEN WEB today to get quality backlinks for your website. We promise results and 100% satisfaction.