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Test Your Website in 10 Steps Best Roadmap Practice

You can think of your website as a car. That’s why it needs to be checked regularly. If a car is not regularly changed the oil, there will be a decrease in engine power. The same applies to websites that are not checked regularly. If you make regular checks of the 10 steps that we will talk about in this article by making a “check-list”, the website will bring more efficiency than desired.

Regularly Review and Test the Entire Website

It should not be neglected that all pages of the website are thoroughly examined and tested once a year or after any update. It is possible to encounter 404 pages, pages that do not work, or pages that need improvement. Therefore, the following features should be well studied and tested;

  • User experience
  • The loading time of your pages
  • All kinds of mistakes
  • Links not working
  • Missing or outdated content
  • Missing pages
  • Meta tags
  • Your formatting and the styles you use
  • Grammar and spelling errors

Test Forms and Payment Process Found on Website

The “contact us forms” on the website, all calls to action, user login and logout processes, and contact/sales points should be tested quarterly or after any update. If the forms are not working after any work, it will return as lost work. That’s why you should be careful.

Review KPI-SEO and Analysis Reports

In order to measure how effective your website’s performance is, you should follow the KPI, ie key performance indicators, monthly for at least 1 month. You should determine your place in the search engine and make a general website analysis. If you pay attention to these points, the efficiency of your website will increase and it will allow possible problems to be resolved as soon as possible.

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Security Updates and Bug Fixes

When the website is updated, it is necessary to make sure that all upgrades, security measures, bug fixes or software updates have taken place, including the operating system, website server, database, CMS.

Pay Attention to Dates and Copyright Information

Texts or references specific to copyright dates and dates on your website need to be reviewed and updated. This update must be done every year. In particular, the home page of the website should not contain outdated information.

Update Contact Information

Contact information on the website should always be up to date. The information, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the people in the team should be up-to-date. If incoming mails need to be forwarded to different people, it is also necessary to update it on the website.

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Update Privacy Policy

The privacy policy on the website should be updated once a year. The terms and conditions of use of the site, terms of sale and all disclaimers must comply with policy and law.

Are You Ready for Future Innovations?

The number of devices connected to the Internet is increasing day by day in our lives. An important question is whether websites will work in all digital spaces, for example, smartwatches or dashboards of cars. While being up-to-date in the industry is very important, the most important point is how well the job is done. The people who design and develop the website are required to follow the current internet conditions and use the right technology methods. People who develop and design websites should pay attention to the following features;

  • New design trends and website comparison
  • New technologies and their applications
  • Appearance and functionality of the website in new browsers and browser versions
  • Appearance and functionality of the website on various mobile devices
  • A target-oriented roadmap should be followed.

A good roadmap will help you with your concerns about how to organize your website. A roadmap is a document containing recommendations for improving websites to provide key data and implement proposed plans. The life of the roadmap for website updates should not be short and the roadmap should be constantly renewed.

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Create Wish List

A wish list should be determined as part of the planning of the website. Notes should be made when an idea comes to mind or when the customer’s demands are appealing and feasible to you. It is very important to review the prepared wish list and to apply the items that are appropriate for the situation in terms of updating the website and following the agenda.

Best Roadmap Application

Only improvements you want to make at some point are on the wish list. However, the roadmap covers the improvements you will make on the whole site and at all points of the site. Its resources are the path that encompasses website improvement opportunities that will bring the business to its goals.

Setting Priorities

It is very important to determine the priority targets in the lists made. Rather than multitasking, it would be very helpful to make the best improvement that needs to be made at some point. While determining the priority in the roadmap, the following 4 points should be considered;

ROI; “Will the improvement provides a good return on investment?” question must be answered. The improvement that will provide the greatest financial return needs to be prioritized.

Time Limitation; “How long will the recovery time be?” is one of the most important steps in prioritizing an improvement. Short-term improvements can be prioritized.

Source; “Do the website developers and designers have the necessary resources to complete the improvement?”. Existing resources should include a sufficient budget for improvement.

Dependence; Multiple features on the website work interdependently. An improvement may require the completion of another feature. In addition, priorities can be planned to take into account the mutual impact and/or support of improvements.

Evaluating Multiple Opportunities

S.M.A.R.T. An opportunity with points may appear in the lists with. In such cases, opportunities need to be seized as quickly as possible. Some website improvements can have a compound effect. For example, it may be noticed that a certain improvement can significantly increase the conversion rate on the website, it should be implemented as soon as possible.

Over time, such improvements can generate thousands or even millions of pounds of additional revenue; If an opportunity is delayed, there can be a huge loss of revenue. If a truly unique opportunity is uncovered, it could represent a significant competitive advantage. In this case, it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity before competitors discover it.

Making Improvements

After the initial roadmap is created, the state of execution should be planned. Before making the project available, time and cost should be agreed with the website developer or designer. Improvements are only useful when they can be accomplished within time constraints and budget.

If an improvement costs more than expected or takes longer to implement, it may not deliver the expected return on investment. New features and improvements need to be implemented and tested one at a time. By focusing on one area in each situation, the level of impact of the situations can be accurately analyzed.

Evaluation of Results

It is imperative to evaluate the results after each improvement or phase is completed. It is necessary to make sure that the improvements are implemented strictly according to plan and, more importantly, that achieving the results has a positive impact. It should also be ensured that these results are consistent with the overall objectives.

Otherwise, other planned improvements may not occur. Therefore, it may be necessary to think and reassess before investing time and money in additional improvements. The overall roadmap may need to be further adjusted and reassessed to continue working effectively towards business goals.