Google Listings

7 Tips For Optimizing Your Google Listing

Google Places is the local listing results of businesses on Google. In other words, it is a service that allows business owners to share information about the product and services that they offer to prospective customers when they make local searches related to the same product and services.

The information regarding your business on Google Places when optimized can enhance your SEO campaign. It would drive more traffic to your e-commerce store or business website thereby increasing sales during local searches performed by your prospective buyers. You can use this for both your brick and mortar store and online retail store.

There are seven ways that you can make your Google places listing to be highly engaging and effective in increasing your customer base. They are:

Add Special Offers

Buyers will be compelled to visit your store because there are special offers. You have to make your map listing as compelling as people so that when it appears on the SERPs of local searches, people will be willing to click on it.

Get Good Customers Reviews

There is a designated section of the Google place listing where customers will be allowed to make reviews regarding your business. You can urge your local customers to write reviews in the Google’s review tool. Depending on the number of positive reviews that you will get, Google will give you a star rating on the mapping list and this will increase your visibility. This, in turn, enhances the growth of your business.

Use Pictures

Pictures are great to use especially to give your audience more details about products. This will make your listing unique among the search results on the Google search results.

Add Keywords

You should use certain keywords about your business during its description. These keywords should not be unrelated to the likely searches that customers of your niche are likely to make on Google. This makes your business reachable and profitable.

Write a Relevant Description

The description of your products and services should have brevity, simplicity and readable. The description should center on the key aspects of your business. Google has an algorithm for enhancing the ranking listings that have relevant content.

Avoid Duplicate Listings

You should ensure that there is no other profile created for your business on Google Places. This would prevent your prospective customers getting confused and maybe not visiting your store through any of the profiles.

Link with Google+

The idea here is to link your Google place profile to that of Google +. This is encouraged by Google to induce and enhance engagement between you and your customers.

There you have it. These are the best and effective ways of improving the SEO campaign for your business and its growth. With patience, perseverance, and diligence, you will start to notice a positive difference in your business.

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