Why is Web Design Important For Business?

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In the digitalizing world day by day, brands are also carrying out various studies and projects to adapt to the digitalization environment. One of the most important projects carried out by brands on the way to digitalization is web design projects. For this reason, in order for brands to hold on in the digital world, corporate or e-commerce sites belonging to the brand must have a user-friendly structure and a design that appeals to the eye.

Seeing your websites as a brand’s store or office in the digital world will help strengthen your brand’s position in the web world.

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Web Design Studies are Digital Corporate Identity Studies 

One of the first studies that come to mind when doing brand management in the classical sense for a brand is corporate identity studies. Today, these studies are evolving into digital brand management by adapting to the changing and developing world. And as a result, corporate websites of brands or e-commerce sites gain importance as a digital reflection of corporate identity as a result of web design projects.

You Must Have a Corporate Website to Start Digitization

Today, many brands and corporate companies are doing or wanting to do various studies to take their place in the digitalized world.

This is the biggest mistake many brands make. Web design; It is too valuable to be left in the hands of people and institutions who say that I can make the cheapest site by marketing with the logic of 1 hour ready, which is revealed randomly. 

And when you think about it, it is a digital marketing tool that provides an environment that can open your brand to the whole world. When the necessary importance is given to this process, the reflection of the results will be seen.

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How Does a Web Design Project Process Work?

The web design project is a process and the better this process works, the better the resulting site will be. The good functioning of this process also depends on the communication between the digital agency and the brand.

The web design process is briefly as follows;

  • Brief and the process of getting preliminary information about the brand (About information, products, communication, what the purpose of the site will be…).
  • Preliminary work and demo site (A demo is made in line with the information received from the brand).
  • Examination of the demo by the brand and getting revisions. (As a result of the demo that determines the main structure, placing the contents and specifying the revisions according to the brand’s request).
  • Completion of revisions.
  • Final presentation and approval from the brand.
  • Go live (publish) the project.

As a result of this whole process, your website, which will be the face of your brand in the web world, will be ready.

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What should be done after the website is published?

After your website is launched, what you need to do is to find new visitors to your site and attract the audience for your products, services or the purpose of the site to your website. This is an important step in the digital process.

If we think of your website as a digital store or showroom; Your focus will be the conversion of visitors to your site. For conversion, it is important that the site is of high quality, rather than random sites, which is the point I said at the beginning. 

Conversions from your website will be a natural result when basic conditions such as its design, user experience and how useful the content is to the visitors are properly met.

Your Website’s Infrastructure Or Content Management System Is Also Important

The front side of your site is as much as the side shown to users and visitors. Panels and structures that run in the background and only visible to site administrators are also important. The site should be more manageable and updatable, and content entries should be easily edited. 

It will ensure that it maintains its function in the constantly renewing web world and is not adversely affected by the change. It will also enable you to act quickly in any innovation.

When we look at it from this perspective, some content management systems that can be updated and easy to use come to the fore.

Some Content Management Systems

WordPress: It is the content management system that forms the infrastructure of almost 40% of all sites worldwide. The biggest advantage is that it is a worldwide community and in this community, the developers constantly offer plugins, themes and updates. Many very large brands also use this infrastructure on their sites.

Joomla: It is a content management system that can do well on the corporate site side, which can find a usage area for itself, although not as much as WordPress, which is another alternative.

Drupal: Drupal, which is another corporate site alternative, is among the infrastructures that have been able to find a usage area and somehow manage to stand out.

Opencart: It is an open-source e-commerce system that is more popular on the e-commerce side. It is an easy-to-use system for e-commerce sites. It has an infrastructure that can be developed in various plugins, themes, and modules.

Magento: This content management system is also a professional infrastructure that is popular in e-commerce and is generally used to create advanced e-commerce systems. It can be the preference of brands that will make eCommerce and exhibit a lot of products.

Apart from these popular content management systems; private infrastructures can also be preferred as an alternative. In private infrastructures, the process may vary depending on the service quality of the institution or person receiving the service. Here, the preference should be determined in line with the target your brand needs and the process should be started.

Adapting to the web world is now mandatory!

In today’s world, it has become mandatory for all brands, institutions, companies to adapt themselves to the digital world. This has further increased the importance of websites, which provide the basis of the digitalization process. 

At the same time, developing digital marketing and SEO processes have revealed websites as a main line of business that should be emphasized. In this process, the more conscious the brands and the agency they work with, the higher the quality will be.

As a result; When we look at web design in general; The purpose and goal of your brand, what your products or services are, and how they can be displayed in the web world should be well defined and the process should begin accordingly. 

While the process continues, brand and agency communication should be extremely healthy. Considering that websites are a digital communication tool, a good perception that will be reflected to the potential audience on the website will also be beneficial in bringing the brand to the desired position. And the whole project process will bear fruit and conversions will begin to come from the site.

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