What is WEB 3.0? Features, & Definitions

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Web; It covers all of the internet services that transmit data consisting of text, pictures, graphics, videos and sounds on the internet to a remote computer. The Internet has been evolving since its inception.

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Web 1.0: A one-sided communication in which sites that began to be used in the early 1990s only have the ability to display information.

Web 2.0: It was a structure where the user and the publisher were more in touch, and the server-side users accessed and contributed. Through forms and social media, interaction with websites has also begun.

What is WEB 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a new generation internet technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which has passed from human hands to software control. To put it more simply, it is the communication of databases of websites with each other. It is a technology that follows and perceives the user’s likes and interests, appeals to the user accordingly, and offers more personalized information faster.

Semantics means the meaning that the word contains. With Web 3.0, it is now possible to understand not only the words that a document contains, but also the “meaning” it contains. This is possible with the use of smarter search algorithms and the development of big data analytics.

WEB 3.0 Features

No Central Control Point: As artificial intelligence comes into play, intermediaries disappear and users’ data cannot be controlled by someone else. It reduces the risk of companies or governments censoring or selling information.

Efficient and Engaging Viewing: The web viewing experience has improved. Algorithms have evolved in Internet searches that rely on metadata and provide access to more semantically relevant information.

Advertising and Marketing: While surfing the Internet or social media, inappropriate advertisements shorten the usage time. However, if it includes the user’s likes and interests, it aims to improve advertising and target specific audiences based on consumer data, while extending the usage period.

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