Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly competitive. As such digital marketers are coming up with innovative methods to surpass one another. Digital marketing is now embracing SEO, social media, content marketing and many other features in its dramatic shift. If you are getting ready for digital marketing in 2019, this post is for you. Here are the list of trends of digital marketing you should watch out for as we look forward to the New Year.

Artificial Intelligence
AI will be a game changing technology that will be utilized by digital marketers in the future. AI enables to analyze customer behaviors, preferences and search patterns which are used by digital marketers to enhance their marketing campaign. Businesses that will adopt AI will save costs and be ahead of their competitors.ChatBots
Over 80 percent of businesses are already using the chatBot technology and the number is envisaged to increase in the future. ChatBots are used by online marketers to interact with their customers in real- time. Typically, customers prefer conversations that are responsive and prompt. With chatBot, business can be easier and more profitable for digital marketers.

Video Marketing
Over 72 percent of brands have said their business witnessed an outstanding growth with the use of videos and 70 percent said they have shared a brand's video. A video offers a higher engagement rate between a brand and its customers. Videos increases the search engine optimization of a website and in the future can be used as a highly effective marketing tool.

Visual Search
Visual search enhances the user experience of customers. With visual search, users can get specific results by simply uploading an image as the search query. Marketers can upload an image of their business cards, product, services and more in 2019 to draw the right customers and offer them the products and services they want.

Voice Search
It is predicted that over 68 million of voice devices will be in many homes by 2019. Given this figure, it can be seen that marketers can tap into this to take their business to a new height. Digital marketers should incorporate voice search into their SEO campaign. Through the use of natural language, traffic and conversion rate will be increased.

Personalization is the latest method used by digital marketers to enhance customer relationships. Personalization lf the products, emails, contents and more is making wave. This is a highly effective tool that online marketers can use to enhance their business in the future. 2019 is a year that will usher in new advancements in the digital marketing. You will need to stay ahead in the online marketing by integrating AI, chatBot, voice search, personalization, visual search and many more into your SEO and other marketing strategies. Contact us today at NXT GEN WEB to help you get the best out of your digital marketing endeavors. We guarantee you excellent services.