Top 5 rules to follow when you hire a web designer

Top 5 rules to follow when you hire a web designer

If you need the services of a web designer, it only takes a few seconds to find a good one, if you know where to search. However, no matter how good a web designer is, there are some things that you have to establish in advance so your collaboration can be successful, and both of you can be happy with the result.

Establish exactly what you want
Ok, we know that sometimes, you are not exactly sure what look you want for your website, and you are tempted to leave it all on your designer. The problem is that there are big chances that you will be unsatisfied with the result, and this means a lot of extra work for both of you. The solution is to create for your web designer at least an inspiration board, if you don’t have everything figured out.
Put together some images with websites you like, with pictures you like, with your favourite colours and elements that you feel that would suit your website.

Be realistic with the deadline
Sometimes you know exactly what you want, but it may not be too realistic. Even the most amazing web designer only has 24h in a day, not to mention that he may also have to work on other projects. This means that probably he can’t design your entire website, with plenty of details, in only a couple of days.
To make sure you don’t end up frustrated, you have to discuss with your web designer from the very beginning, and make sure that he can complete what you need as fast as you need it.

Allow your designer to be in charge
It is understandable that you have strong opinions when it comes to your website. However, you have to accept that your web designer is there to help you and that he is the professional one. This means that if he is not doing something in the way you want, it probably means that it is because the end result will not be as you expect. It is in both of your interest to keep everything going smoothly, so trust his knowledge and passion and let him advise you on the big decisions.

Don’t ask him to copy another website
You saw a website, you love the way it looks and you want your website to look exactly the same. Well, although your web designer may be able to do this for you, it is not ethical or in your best interest. Copying another professional’s work is never a good idea, not to mention that you want to express your personality and your brand through your website. Why not work together on something unique?

Be honest when you offer feedback
Sometimes you don’t like something about your website, but you don’t feel comfortable saying it to your designer. However, this will end up with you unsatisfied with your website, and with bad feedback for the designer. Don’t hesitate to speak up when you don’t like something or when you want a different image!

Both of you have the same interest in mind: to get your website looking good, up and running in the shortest time possible. It will be a great experience, as long as you keep things simple and clear between you and your web designer.