Search Engine Optimization

Six Ways for Improving Your Company’s SEO Ranking

Companies today require a website to create an online presence in a bid to boost their marketing campaign. Their website is mostly accessed through a search engine. Search engine algorithm, such as Google, considers certain features of a website to enhance its ranking and visibility. How can you optimize your website to have a better search engine ranking and generate leads to your business? Here are six veritable ways to make the SEO campaign of your company a success.

Use Relevant Content
Use of a great quality and relevant content is key and essential in ranking your company’s website on the search engine. Create content that will attend to the needs of your audience. Nobody is going to read your content if it is not going to offer a solution to their problem. Make the content readable, original, fresh and add keywords to make it very captivating.

Contact Us Page
A website that has a contact us page is deemed as an authority site and authentic by Google going further to enhance its ranking. A contact form should be designed in terms of offering a better user experience and capture visitors attention, increase leads and SEO ranking as a whole.

Mobile Optimization
Research has shown that up to 77% of Smartphone users perform searches on products and services using their mobile device. According to Google, websites that are mobile optimized have a better ranking. Back in April 2015, Google penalized websites that are not mobile friendly by reducing their rankings.

Social Media Sharing
The number of the contents of a website shared across social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more influences the ranking of a website on the search engine. Social media sharing improves your SEO by increasing online visibility, increased brand recognition and traffic to your website, and authority. The social media signal generated by sharing your website's contents on social media has a tremendous impact on the SEO campaign of your company’s website.

Maximizing the Page Speed
Search engines such as Google has indicated in 2010 that a website’s loading speed is one of its metrics utilized by its algorithm to rank websites. 40% of internet users abandon a website for a competitor’s if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. A website with a slow loading speed has a lower search engine ranking.

Outbound Links
Outbound links, also known as external links, direct visitors on a page of your website to external websites. Google’s algorithm regards a website with high-quality outbound links to have an authority and therefore increases there search engine ranking. A certain number of outbound links depending on the number of words of the content on a website's page should be used. For example, about 3-5 outbound links should be used for 500-word content. Search engine optimization is here to stay for as long as possible. With these tips above, you can better the SEO campaign of your company and place it on the right trajectory. Contact us today at NXT GEN WEB to help you get the best out of your SEO endeavors. We guarantee you excellent services.