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Responsive Web Design: 5 Tips to Enhance Performance and UX

Research has evidenced the notion that if a web design offers a bad experience to visitors, they will be subconsciously propelled not to come back. From a recent survey, 95% of website visitors say that a positive user experience is the most important factor of a website.

For your website design to be responsive, you have to tweak certain functions. As there are increasing devices that are used to access websites today and mobile network challenges, it is important to make your website highly efficient as possible. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your website UX and increase performance.

One way of creating a web design for positive users experience is to research on the latest designs. You can carry out a survey on a social media platform such as Facebook, ask questions and gather information that will aid you to make a responsive web design.

Well Describe Navigation
It is natural as humans to seek for direction when we are in a new environment. Your visitors need to carry out actions only if navigation around your website is simplified. How do you simplify navigation and make it as effective as possible? Minimize the options at the navigation bar to 5 or less and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Easy-to-use Layouts
Website visitors visit a website that requires the least amount of effort and time to go through. If a website has a layout that is difficult to understand, the visitor will not waste further time in it. Using familiar and easy to grasp layouts allows visitors to complete a meaningful action on a website.

A website with a great UX design but lacks content can be likened to a house with a fantastic exterior design but has a poorly constructed interior. Content is key to maintaining regular visit by an audience to your website. Ensure that the content is original, relevant and well structured.

Mobile Optimization
Currently, there are over 80% of Smartphone users. According to Google, 61% are likely not to return to a website that is inaccessible to their Smartphone. 41% visits the competitor’s website instead. You can fashion your website’s design to be mobile optimized and in the long run, highly responsive.

There you have it! Above are few tips on how you can improve your website’s UX and increase performance.A responsive web design is a recipe for a successful website marketing campaign. The tips above ensure that an approach towards a website’s design conforms to a user’s experience, behavior, screen size, and orientation.

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