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Remarketing: What It Is and How to Use It?

What is remarketing or how is it done? If you are looking for answers to such questions, we will explain it in our blog content today. If you want to do remarketing and want to increase your recycling rates, you can choose our professional digital marketing company NXT GEN WEB. Increase your income with NXT GEN WEB.

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What is Remarketing?

This concept, which can also be described as remarketing or retargeting, is a campaign targeting option that allows you to retarget users who have previously visited your website and interacted with your videos or application.

To explain with an example;

Users can come to your website from more than one channel. Google ADS, social media, your mail marketing efforts, SERP results or direct users. These users show different behaviors on your website. 

Some leave your site on the first page they meet with your website, some leave your site by leaving the product you offer in the basket, and some may see the shipping fee you show as a surprise at the payment stage and leave your website as a reaction.

Only 2% of users who come to your e-commerce site complete their shopping on their first visit. This means that the remaining 98% will leave your website without completing the desired goals. Of course, there are users from the channels you invest in, among this 98% of users.

Imagine, you allocate a budget to digital marketing channels and advertise to attract new visitors to your website, and 98% of these users leave your website before completing their purchase. Remarketing allows you to retarget these users.

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How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing simply allows you to target the data you collect.

First of all, you need to add a tracking tag to your website.

Then you start tracking users visiting your website with the tags you add. Then you can create ad campaigns targeting the data you collect.

When used correctly, remarketing campaigns take up an important place for both digital marketers and advertisers.

One of the points that make remarketing campaigns so important is undoubtedly their performance. It allows you to be visible again to the users we have just missed and taken to our website.

However, retargeting by grouping only those users who have not completed their purchase may not work wonders.

There may be technical, strategic, or other reasons for this.

Do Remarketing Campaigns Really Work?

Based on our experience, we can say that remarketing campaigns are a powerful weapon for a digital marketing specialist. Let’s take a look at the data results from some of the research we have done in order to base the subject on data.

Retargeted users have a 43% higher conversion completion rate

Many internet users go through a research process by visiting different websites before purchasing products. Remarketing campaigns play an important role in influencing the behavior of users who have gone through this process. Users who see your remarketing ads are 70% more likely to buy your products than other users.

Choice of marketers targeting brand awareness

Research shows that 70% of marketers prefer remarketing campaigns to increase brand awareness.

10X higher clickthrough rate

Click-through rates for display remarking campaigns are 10 times higher than for a standard display ad. This directly means getting a higher rate of interaction. Considering that there is a 70% higher conversion rate than standard ads, we can say that remarketing campaigns can create good opportunities.

47% of consumers are satisfied with being watched

Another study showed that almost half of respondents would sacrifice their privacy to get a better offer from brands. 32% of respondents think this is completely unacceptable.

Retailing is the leader with 27%

In a study, it was argued that the sector that benefits most from remarketing campaigns is retailing. This is followed by the media with 17%, technology with 10%, health with 10%, and finance with 9%. The share of agencies in this pie is 4%.

65% lower CPA

According to a study conducted on Google Ads accounts, it has been observed that the average CPA costs are $79 for standard display campaigns, $40 for search campaigns, and $27 for remarketing campaigns. This means that remarketing campaigns provide 65% lower CPA costs compared to display campaigns and 32% lower than search campaigns.

To summarize briefly, if we talk about the advantages of remarketing campaigns;

Allows you to serve personalized ads:

It can segment users who have visited your website based on their behavior, products they look at or are interested in. You can activate remarketing efforts with different messages for each audience. For example, imagine that you have a multi-category e-commerce site, and you can show personalized ads for each category to your audience. You can even take this personalization, which we will talk about later in the article, one-click further with dynamic remarketing campaigns.

Provides higher conversion rate:

As we mentioned in the statistics above, remarketing campaigns have a higher conversion rate than standard display ads. This further reduces your conversion costs. If your advertising budgets are limited, you will also get higher conversion numbers.

Contribution to brand awareness is high: (H4)

Make sure that many visitors do not even remember your website address the next day. Remarketing campaigns allow you to show these users your brand over and over again.

Types of Remarketing Targeting

When it comes to remarketing, the first targeting method that comes to mind is display ads. However, there are many more ways to retarget visitors to your website. Let’s briefly discuss them below.

Display remarketing

As we mentioned above, we can also describe it as a standard remarketing campaign. Allows you to target your remarketing audiences on the Google Display Network.

Dynamic remarketing

It’s similar to standard remarketing campaigns if it’s not highly customized. By using the templates you have determined, users are shown dynamically created ads about your products or services they are looking at, instead of fully customized banners. To use dynamic remarketing campaigns, you must have an active data feed.

Search remarketing

Also known as RLSA (remarketing list for search ads) campaigns. You can ensure that the keywords in your search campaigns are only shown to the remarketing audience or you can make a customized bid for this audience.

With Remarketing List For Search Ads campaigns,

You can add new keywords specific to your remarketing audience,

You can create custom ad text for remarketing campaigns,

You can make special offers.

Remarketing in Gmail

It also offers the ability to create remarketing campaigns to target Gmail users. Ads show in Gmail inbox, promos social tabs. It can also be created in an extensible way, whose content is shown as email.

You can add forms, videos, images, or content to Gmail ads you create in an expanded format. At the same time, users who interact with the ad can save your ad or direct it to someone else.

Video remarketing

You can show video ads to target your remarketing lists on YouTube or partner sites. You can also create remarketing lists for users who have interacted with your YouTube channel. You can target these users on other networks as well.

Using your Youtube channel;

  • Subscribed to your channel,
  • Who watched or viewed a video ad you posted
  • Watching, viewing, liking, etc. a video on your channel
  • You can also create audiences to target users.

Remarketing in Mobile Apps

You can target remarketing audiences using other networks inside mobile apps. At the same time, if you have a mobile application, you can target users who use your mobile application, just as you target users who visit your website to increase mobile application interactions or in-app purchases.

Social media remarketing

You can also create remarketing audiences and publish your ads on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin.

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