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Everything You Need To Know About PPC 2022

PPC is one of the most important online marketing channels that enable businesses that have a presence on the Internet to reach their target audience. 

Especially if you are a business that has just started to have a digital presence and has just launched its website, PPC ads may be one click more important for you. Because compared to other online marketing channels, PPC ads can provide faster action.

Everyone wants to rank organically on Google searches for their product or service. Let’s face it, this is a long and unpredictable process. However, you can start driving traffic to your website quickly by using PPC ads.

What is PPC? (Pay Per Click)

PPC: It is an online advertising model, which means Pay Per Click, in which advertisers are costed as a result of clicking on the ads they show in various channels. The basis of PPC advertising is cost-per-click. Advertisers pay publishers for clicks. PPC ads are not just Google ads. You can also collect your advertisements on social media or other platforms under this heading.

In addition, it may not be correct to limit the concept of PPC ads, the PPC advertising model to only CPC (pay-per-click) ads. We can characterize the concept of PPC as a broader concept. For example, you can advertise with CPA (cost per action) or CPM (Cost per Mille), or CPC (pay per click) model in ad campaigns you create on Google or Social Media. However, there is a paid advertising system on top of this. Therefore, it may be more accurate to consider the concept of PPC ads more broadly and to describe them as Paid Advertising.

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How PPC Ads Work

We said that paid advertising is a broad concept that encompasses different platforms. Among the most important, we can show search engine advertising and social media ads.

We can say that there are three main factors in paid advertising. These are advertisers, ad networks or intermediaries (Google Ads, Facebook etc.), and publishers. In short, advertisers target the users of the network by targeting the network of their choice and pay these publishers. Costings may vary according to established bid strategies. Among them, the most used are:

CPC (Cost per Click) Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click: A type of advertising in which advertisers are charged for ad clicks, showing no cost. In this type of bidding, which is especially common on the Google search network, advertisers pay the publisher for each ad click that occurs. 

For example, showing the ad that appears in response to a query made on the Google search engine does not create any cost for the advertiser. Costing occurs only for users who see and click on this ad. The CPC model is one of the most important advantages of PPC advertisements.

CPM (Cost per Mile) Pay Per Impression

Pay per impression: It is the advertising model in which advertisers are costed as a result of the impressions of their ads. It is one of the oldest forms of bidding in internet advertising. 

In short, advertisers specify the amount they want to pay for each 1000 impressions of their ads, and pricing proceeds through this system. So if you set $2 for CPM, you will be charged $20 for 10,000 impressions of your ads. 

Intermediaries do not give you a click-through guarantee in the ads you place with the CPM model. Showing your ads is enough to realize the cost. Although it is not recommended for performance-oriented ads you manage, it is still used as a broadcast by 3rd party publishers.

CPA (Cost Per Action) Pay Per Action

It is the type of offer that the advertisers pay the publishers in response to the actions determined. These actions can be a sale, a lead generation, or something else determined. In short, advertisers in the type of offer that may vary according to their advertising goals only pay in line with the determined targets. For example, the advertiser might say to the publisher I can give you $10 for every sale you make. It is costed to the advertiser as the sale x $10.

Note: CPA should not be confused with the Target CPA (Target CPA) bid used in Google ads. In Target CPA, Google optimizes to reach the target CPA bid, but does not guarantee that it will return that amount of conversions.

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Advantages of Pay-Per-Click

Paid advertising can play a more important role in taking quick action and generating results than other online marketing channels. Especially the fact that this channel can be tested without the need for a large investment makes it more attractive than other online marketing channels.

Allows you to pay for clicks only

We can say that the most attractive point of PPC ads is that they only allow you to pay for clicks/actions.

Provides fast results

Another great advantage of paid advertising is that it allows you to take quick action and get quick results. For example, if you want to reach users who are searching for your products or services on search engines, two different options will appear in front of you. One of them is to rank your website in organic search results and the other is to advertise on target words.

Getting your website to a certain place in organic results is a process that requires a little longer work. By advertising, you can quickly get the positions you want. However, this does not mean that you should skip search engine optimization (SEO) and advertise. If you want to build a sustainable and success-oriented online marketing strategy, it is useful to plan to achieve maximum efficiency from both channels.

Provides budget control

You can start getting traffic from these channels by sticking to a certain marketing budget. Neither more nor less! You can start PPC ads with the daily / monthly budgets you want.

You can decide where and when your ads will appear

Another advantage of PPC ads is that it allows you to choose the regions, times and even devices where your ads will be shown.

Advanced targeting options

Paid advertising provides the opportunity to select different target audiences according to the platform you use. For example, you can target people who are interested in abc topics in Google ads, newly engaged people in Facebook ads, and users working in x industries with 6 years or more experience in LinkedIn ads.

Provides Instant Control and Editing

The advertising strategies you plan may not always yield effective results. It will not be easy to change an advertising strategy that you have planned and implemented, especially on the offline side. However, the fact that paid advertising is more measurable and can be edited quickly allows you to instantly intervene in your bad-performing ads.

Up to this section, we have talked about what paid advertising is and its benefits, but we would like to mention some points that you should pay attention to.

Many Factors Affect the Success of PPC Campaigns

It should be noted that there are many factors that can affect the success of PPC campaigns. The audience you target, the advertisement you show, and the landing page you direct users to are the factors that directly affect the success of these campaigns. PPC ads are a great channel that allows you to bring your products or services to your target audience, but it is also very important to use them correctly.

PPC Is Not The Only Online Marketing Channel

As the name suggests, paid advertising is used for a certain budget. PPC ads should not form the basis of your online presence. Otherwise, you may run the risk of disappearing from the internet if your budget runs out or your ads are stopped.

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PPC Channels You Must Try

Google Ads

One of the channels where you can advertise with the PPC model is Google ads. You can advertise using multiple campaign types on Google. Some of the Google ad campaign types are:

Search Ads

Google Search ads are perhaps the most widely known pay-per-click ad format. These ads are triggered according to the search queries made by the users within the scope of the determined keywords, and are shown at the top or bottom of the search results page. In this type of advertising, which works with the CPC model, costing occurs only when users click on your ads. 

Google has also taken precautions for multiple accidental clicks, deliberate offensive clicks. Thanks to algorithms running in the background, it detects these offensive clicks and does not charge you for it.

Keywords form the basis of search ads. Keywords determine which search query advertisers show their ads on. At the same time, advertisers determine the maximum cost per click they are willing to pay for each keyword separately.

Display Network

The display network is a large network that allows you to advertise on millions of websites included in the Google network. By using the display network, you can capture your target audience, interests, website topics, demographics. At the same time, this network allows you to show your ads only on the websites you choose.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a type of campaign that you should definitely try if you have an e-commerce site. It allows you to show ads in search queries made with your products by sending your product inventory to Google.

Remarketing Campaigns

By creating remarketing campaigns on the search network, shopping ads or display network, you can show your ads repeatedly only to users who have previously entered your website. If you have an e-commerce site, you can also create dynamic remarketing campaigns using your products feed. Thus, you get the chance to automatically show users the products they look at.

Facebook PPC Ads

Facebook has an important place in the social media advertising market with more than 2 billion active users. Using Facebook ads, you can target users based on location, age, gender, interests or behavior. Facebook allows advertisers to advertise with different options. You can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, increase interactions with page posts, or collect leads with form ads that allow you to collect leads. You can also use special catalog ads or dynamic remarketing ads for e-commerce sites.

Instagram PPC Ads

More than 2 million businesses use Instagram ads to reach their target audience, gain followers or show their products to their target audience. You can manage Instagram ads from the mobile application, as well as more comprehensively via Facebook Ad Manager. You can advertise in feed or story areas on Instagram. You can also show ads on Instagram by bidding on impressions or clicks.

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