Marketing Tips for Instagram Business

10 Marketing Tips for Instagram Business

Instagram is indispensable for most of us. We open Instagram whenever we are bored. Especially with the advent of IGTV, we started to consume more in the media. The competition on Instagram, which has more than 25 million business accounts, is increasing day by day. Businesses try to differentiate themselves with their creativity to stand out one more step and with campaigns to satisfy their followers. This process is a challenging mountain climbing.

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1- Switch to Instagram Business

First, you need to have an Instagram Business account. If you do not have a business account, you can convert the profile you are currently using into a Business account from the settings section. This way, the Instagram algorithm will be more willing to put you forward so you can market more. But this alone is not enough! Therefore, do not forget to apply the topics that we will talk about below!

2- Get Attention in the Field of Bio, that is, Business Biography

You can fit a 150-character introduction to this field, write your website address, add your user name and the name of your business. The bio field is actually the first impression the company leaves to its consumers. So make sure you make the right promises to your consumer. You can share a call to action or your motto in the bio area. You can also make this area remarkable with emojis.

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3- Use Router Button Area

This area is entirely where you decide how users want to reach you. Therefore, it is useful to make your choices correctly. Users can reach you by email, phone or, if you have a physical store, with directions. In addition, if you are an e-commerce company, you should definitely add the shopping button.

4- Create Your Instagram Visual Concept

One of the biggest reasons why Instagram takes such a place in our lives is that it appeals to our aesthetic sense. Profiles that provide complete integrity are always more remarkable.

Define your own concept. This concept can be custom color tones, it can be done using a certain framework. The creativity is entirely yours. You can make your account more aesthetic with the mobile photo applications you can use. You can also use mobile applications for a different concept on Instagram.

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5- Set an Instagram Goal for Your Business

Although your goal may vary depending on the industry of your business, what really matters is the type of your goal. You can set 2 types of goals for your business on Instagram.

  • – The first one is interaction-oriented: (like comments, likes, followers)
  • – The second is conversion-oriented: (like forms, customer forms, or sales)

The points you need to pay attention to when determining your target are your industry and the characteristics of your target audience.

6- Decide How and What Kind of Content You Will Create

This is actually one of the parts that force businesses. Most businesses can’t decide exactly what to share on their account.

Although the sectors change, there are actually 4 topics that we can collect under the content.

The first of these is “Inspirational Content”

Provide your employees or consumers with inspiring content and see how that content reflects.

The second is “Useful Content”

Giving information accurately and usable definitely works.

The third is “A Little Sincerity, A Little Humor”

There’s a bit of both because remember that your brand is a living entity. It is like us. Consumers want something from it. If you give the right sincerity, you will get in return.

Fourth, “Arouse Curiosity”

This job can be a bit challenging, but if your brand has a certain audience, you can ensure that they interact with expectant or intriguing content.

7- Use the Right Hashtags

One of the most important steps to focus on your content type and create awareness of your concept is the use of hashtags.

Make sure to create a hashtag for your brand. Find the interests of your business target audience and use/create specific hashtags in that area. You can also use daily hashtags. Common hashtags are not bad, don’t be afraid to use them.

As you know, Instagram users can now follow hashtags. This will help you grow your audience or follow your competitors.

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8- Take part in the Discovery

One of the most important ways to increase the visibility of your business is to have your post in discovery.

The Explore tab is a tab that updates based on what users research and the types of content they interact with. In short, the Instagram algorithm monitors what you do and fills your discovery according to the types of content you like.

In order to take part in the discovery, your user interaction must be high. For this, you should focus on content that can attract the attention of your users. So be creative! For this, he can take inspiration from popular trends on Instagram. Or we don’t mind browsing the profiles of a few of your competitors 🙂

9- Show Your Instagram Ads To The Right Audience

We can now advertise on Instagram very easily. In particular, the increase in advertising formats makes it easier for us to reach our goal. We can currently use five different ad formats on Instagram. These are: Videos, Carousels, Photos, Canvases and Stories. In these formats, you can show ads to your target audience and these ads appear in front of your consumer in the flow or story.

You can achieve rapid growth by using ads on Instagram, the point you should not miss is to make sure that you show your ads to the right audience.

These questions can help you:

  • – What is the gender density of my target audience?
  • – What age range is my target audience?
  • – What are the interests of my target audience?
  • – Can the income level and education level of my target audience be associated with the service/product that I sell or provide?

These questions will be the first step in reaching the right audience.

10- Follow the statistics

Tracking statistics will help you better understand your audience. Before reading this guide, if you have an Instagram Business Profile, you can review your data in the statistics section. The data here is somewhat limited and is not exported, but gives you an overall view of your audience.

By using Instagram statistics, you can decide on which days and at what times you will broadcast, see how many people are viewing their profiles, and examine how many visitors they have received on your website. In addition, you can see how many people have accessed your profile from discovery with reach and impression metrics.

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In short, stats will tell you what’s working and what isn’t working in Instagram business marketing. Reorient your goals based on this data.

That’s all for now from the “10 Marketing Tips for Instagram Business” prepared by NXT GEN WEB! If you’re looking for more tips like this, you can stay tuned to NXT GEN WEB’s blog. In addition, with our professional Social Media Management service, you can easily stand out on Instagram and reach your goals. Contact us to take advantage of our Social Media service and to get more information about us.